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Crocodile Smile


I have a friend who’s a smiling crocodile
he’ll cut your heart out, smooth as silk
and never even once lose his smile

Though he smiles, you make him cry
He keeps on smiling to hide the pain
and you keep hurting him because the pain he hides
beneath his crocodile smile!!!

Spontaneous Collaboration with James after (another) one of our melodramatic loud profanity laced arguments that never really mean anything.  :)  

My words in plain
His in 

Look the Devil in the Face

I Double Dare you to Look the Devil in the Face, with Demons against you, your Bank accounts on E, when there is sickness in your body, Relationships failed, Lost your Job, Friends Betrayed you, when the people who said they’d never leave, Left, even your Family is falling apart, in the Midst of Adversity, I Dare You, to wipe your Tears, Stand on your Feet, Look the Devil in the Face & say “I DISAGREE”

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